As a Washington Chartered Trust Company, our financial activities are regulated by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). Our work as a Certified Professional Guardianship Agency is subject to oversight by Washington’s Certified Professional Guardian Board, whose members are appointed by the Washington State Supreme Court.  Many of our cases include active supervision by the Washington State Superior Court. Our financial records, accounting practices, and internal controls undergo an independent audit by an outside CPA firm annually.


Our mission is to provide fiduciary and personal services to the highest applicable standard of care. Our services are aimed at optimizing the welfare and dignity of the individual. We believe every client deserves individualized service, tailored to their needs and preferences, and we work closely with the client to accomplish this.


As a professional fiduciary, it is our duty to handle our clients' affairs with the same attention and care we would give our own and to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. GSS most often provides services within the context of specific legal arrangements, governed by the terms of a formal document such as a trust, a will, a power of attorney, a court order, or a service agreement. We strive within the authority we are given to make the best decisions for our clients and include our clients and their families as much as possible in decision-making.


Our diverse team of professionals includes Certified Professional Guardians, CPAs, and other experienced individuals with expertise in fiduciary services. Drawing on decades of experience, our professionals have the range to assist clients with everything from day-to-day financial and care management to urgent, dynamic, and complex situations.

GSS staff include the most experienced Professional Guardians and managers of Special Needs Trusts
in Washington State.

GSS Main Office Line: (206) 284-6225

Employee Title/Position Email
Edward Gardner President edg@trustguard.org
Tom O’Brien Vice President tomob@trustguard.org
Adam Saunders Financial Manager adams@trustguard.org
Aja Murga Operations Manager ajam@trustguard.org
Alan Vu Financial Manager alanv@trustguard.org
Andrew Clement Operations Assistant andrewc@trustguard.org
Bron Fredrickson Assets & Investment Program Manager bronf@trustguard.org
Caitlin Redfern Financial Management Assistant caitlinr@trustguard.org
Christina Varvel Financial Manager christinav@trustguard.org
Danielle Dunbar Financial Manager danielled@trustguard.org
Emily Harris Operations Assistant emilyh@trustguard.org
Eric Valencia Financial Manager ericv@trustguard.org
Heidi Cash Financial Manager heidic@trustguard.org
Jeannette Sepulveda Care Manager jeannettes@trustguard.org
Joanne Li Financial Manager joannel@trustguard.org
Joelle Klimok Financial Manager joellek@trustguard.org
John Gardner Sr. Financial Manager johng@trustguard.org
Justin Smith Investments Administrator justins@trustguard.org
Kirsten Noble Sr. Property Manager kirstenn@trustguard.org
Leesa Arthur Financial Manager leesaa@trustguard.org
Leoni Rutter Care Management Assistant leonir@trustguard.org
Mark Deszo Assets Administrator markd@trustguard.org
Matt Jones Financial Manager mattj@trustguard.org
Sacha Deszo Client Services Manager sachad@trustguard.org
Sankriti KC Accounts Administrator sankritikc@trustguard.org
Sarah Murphey Financial Manager sarahm@trustguard.org
Shannon Davis Executive Assistant shannond@trustguard.org
Steven Posalski Care Manager stevenp@trustguard.org
William Rodriguez Property Manager williamr@trustguard.org
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