Guardianship Services of Seattle
3101 Western Ave, Suite 330
Seattle, Washington 98121

A Washington Chartered Trust Company

A Certified Professional Guardian Agency

Since 1985 Guardianship Services of Seattle has provided fiduciary services to a wide variety of people. We act as court appointed guardian or trustee. Individuals appoint us as trustee, attorney in fact or executor. We are engaged by families to provide advice and assistance with budgeting and care management issues. GSS serves clients of various ages and estate size across Washington State. Our records are audited annually by an independent CPA firm.

Our Mission

Since it was founded, Guardianship Services of Seattle has been committed to providing service to people with disabilities, and we have held our work to the highest professional standards. Our services are aimed at optimizing the welfare and dignity of each individual client. We strive within the authority we are given to make the best decisions for our clients, and to include our clients and their families as much as possible in decision-making.

Our Services

We are named or appointed to assist our clients in the following capacities (for additional information, click on the “GSS Services” button at the top of the page)

Our Clientele

Guardianship Services of Seattle works extensively with people who have a handicapping condition. This includes people with conditions related to the aging process,  people with a mental illness, people with  developmental disability, people who have had a traumatic brain injury, or people with a physical handicap. Many of our clients have very minor or no disabilities whose financial circumstances make use of a trust or other arrangements advantageous.

We are able to implement  arrangements in order to maximize the use of public benefits and insurance. We also assist families with planning for personal supervision for a disabled person when making plans for the future or in order to resolve conflicts within the family.

Many of our clients have been fully in charge of their financial or personal affairs, but due to accident or progression of a medical condition, have deteriorated in their abilities. We strive to be sensitive to the difficulties this can cause. Clients are consulted as to preferences. Most important, we respect the validity of the client’s concerns.